Brogan Joe Murphy


At college, Brogan Joe Murphy focused on his writing, majoring in Journalism at the University of Maryland.  After college he turned to the visual arts, studying with David Hardy at the Atelier School of Classical Realism in Oakland, California. Though trained in portraiture and figurative painting, it was landscape  that proved to be his calling...

Brogan Joe Murphy has participated in successful group and solo exhibitions in Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Tulsa, Sacramento, and San Francisco.  His works are found in prominent public and private collections, including the White House and the Maryland State House.

A marathon runner, Murphy suffered a serious back injury, eventually requiring a spinal fusion.  Unable to paint he returned to writing, and during his extended recovery completed his first novel, Pentimento Hearts.

Although he no longer competes in marathons, Brogan Joe Murphy continues to paint and write from his home in Boston, Massachusetts.

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